The new Cody Air eyewear collection takes inspiration from the Machine Age and Art Deco Era - a time in history when builders took pride in hand craftsmanship, artisans did not cut corners, things were built to last and designed with passion, pride & quality. Cody Air's aerodynamic, patent pending designs are influenced by the industrial designs of iconic aircraft and automobiles which focused on functionality and symmetry. This streamlined eyewear collection is cut from a single sheet of surgical grade stainless steel with no screws or solder-points. Cody Air embodies super sleek, ultra comfortable and minimal.

Cody Air frames are named after the early pioneers of aviation and presented in chronological order.
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The LU BAN Frame

LU BAN: (507–440 BC) was a Chinese carpenter, engineer, philosopher,inventor, military thinker, statesman and contemporary of Mozi, born in the State of Lu,[1] and is the patron Saint of Chinese builders and contractors. He was born in a renowned family during the Spring and Autumn Period when China was suffering from the chaos of civic wars between kingdoms. His original name was Gongshu Yizhi. In the 5th century BCE Lu Ban is claimed to have invented a 'wooden bird' which may have been a large kite, or which may have been an early glider.


Base Curve: 5

Measurements: 54 □ 16 - 140

Available Colors: Midnight, Navy Blue, Cappuccino, Brushed Silver, Navy Blue/Gradient Silver, Forest Green

LU BAN: Midnight LU BAN: Navy Blue LU BAN: Cappuccino LU BAN: Brushed Silver LU BAN: Navy Blue-Gradient Silver LU BAN: Forest Green



ARCHYTAS: (428–347 BC) was as an Ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician,astronomer, statesman, and strategist. He was a scientist of the Pythagorean school and famous for being the reputed founder of mathematical mechanics, as well as a good friend of Plato. He was reputed to have designed and built the first artificial, self-propelled flying device, a bird-shaped model propelled by a jet of what was probably steam, said to have actually flown some 200 meters.


Base Curve: 5

Measurements: 52 □ 16 - 130

Available Colors: Moroccan Blue/Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Cappuccino/Sea Foam Blue, Plum

ARCHYTAS: Moroccan Blue/Burnt Orange ARCHYTAS: Burgundy ARCHYTAS: Cappuccino/Sea Foam Blue ARCHYTAS: Plum



HUANGTOU: (Died 559) was the son of emperor Yuan Lang of Eastern Wei. Gao Yang, Emperor Wenxuan of Northern Qi, made Huangtou and other prisoners take off from the Tower of the Phoenix attached to paper (kites in the form of) owls. Huangtou was the only one who succeeded in flying as far as the Purple Way, and there he came to earth. At that time, Gao Yang took control the court of Eastern Wei and set the emperor as puppet. Finally, Huangtou was imprisoned by Gao Yang and, against his will, flown (via a large kite) from the tower of Ye, China. He survived this flight, but was later executed.


Base Curve: 5

Measurements: 54 □ 16 - 135

Available Colors: Red, Cappuccino/Burnt Orange, Plum, Navy Blue/Sky Blue

HUANGTOU: Red HUANGTOU: Cappuccino/Burnt Orange HUANGTOU: Plum HUANGTOU: Navy Blue/Sky Blue