HUANGTOU: (Died 559) was the son of emperor Yuan Lang of Eastern Wei. Gao Yang, Emperor Wenxuan of Northern Qi, made Huangtou and other prisoners take off from the Tower of the Phoenix attached to paper (kites in the form of) owls. Huangtou was the only one who succeeded in flying as far as the Purple Way, and there he came to earth. At that time, Gao Yang took control the court of Eastern Wei and set the emperor as puppet. Finally, Huangtou was imprisoned by Gao Yang and, against his will, flown (via a large kite) from the tower of Ye, China. He survived this flight, but was later executed.


Base Curve: 5

Measurements: 54 □ 16 - 135

Available Colors: Red, Cappuccino/Burnt Orange, Plum, Navy Blue/Sky Blue

HUANGTOU: Red HUANGTOU: Cappuccino/Burnt Orange HUANGTOU: Plum HUANGTOU: Navy Blue/Sky Blue


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