The OLIVER Frame

OLIVER: (981-1069) (also known as Eilmer of Malmesbury) was an 11th-century English Benedictine monk best known for his early attempt at a gliding flight using wings. Given the geography of the abbey, his landing site, and the account of his flight, to travel for "more than a furlong" (220 yards, 201 metres) he would have had to have been airborne for about 15 seconds. His exact flightpath is not known, nor how long he was in the air, because today’s abbey is not the abbey of the 11th century, when it was probably smaller, although the tower was probably close to the present height.


Base Curve: 5

Measurements: 57 □ 16 - 140

Available Colors: Midnight, Navy Blue, Brown

OLIVER: Midnight OLIVER: Navy Blue OLIVER: Brown

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